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The Journey of Tool Car X-11 Back to the Ma & Pa Mainline

The Ma & Pa toolcar X-11 was moved from Baltimore to Muddy Creek Forks on Thursday, March 27th and Friday, March 28th of 2008. X-11 was loaded for the move in East Baltimore. Two cranes were used to place the carbody on its trucks on a stretch lowboy trailer for the trip to High Rock.

Tool Car X-11 being loaded

Society volunteers built track on the deck of the trailer to permit loading of the car over the gap in the stretch trailer where the center beams were too narrow to support the rear truck of X-11. The ramp used for unloading at High Rock was placed on top of the track on the trailer before the X-11 was lowered into place on its trucks.

Tool Car X-11

Pulling out of the loading site in Baltimore, Joe Corasaniti was stationed on top of X-11 to fend off low overhanging wires.

Tool Car X-11

At high Rock the truck was positioned directly over the track so that the X-11 could be rolled down the ramp onto the rails. Getting the long rig aligned exactly with the track required a good deal of skillful maneuvering by driver Joe Hollister.

Tool Car X-11

The ramp used for unloading the car is usually assigned to Thomas the tank engine. The transition from the rails on the trailer to the ramp was bridged with oak boards. Despite best efforts to get everything properly aligned, the car slightly shifted toward the creek as it was rolled down the deck of the trailer, and a firm push from Donnie Loder's skid loader was needed to nudge the wheels into line with the ramp.

Tool Car X-11

Once the first truck was on the ramp the unloading went more rapidly, but the entire process took nearly 5 hours of careful work.

Tool Car X-11

In the low afternoon sun X-11 rolled into Muddy Creek Forks pulled by the Society's 18-ton Plymouth.

Tool Car X-11 was donated to the Society by Joe Corasaniti who also donated the cost of crane loading in Baltimore. Support for moving the car was provided by the Potomac Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, members of the Potomac Chapter, and members of M&PRRPS.

Society members Sam Bistline, Mike Shay, Joe Corasaniti and sons Buck and Sam, Pete Tinsley, and Craig Sansonetti assisted in the move. Structurally X-11 is in very good condition. The underframe is perfect; trucks, journals, and wheel profiles are very good; and the brake system is fully intact and hand brakes work (air brakes haven't been tested and presumably need service after 25 years without use). Most of the wood in the sheathing and doors is in bad shape and will need to be replaced. The most challenging part of fixing up the car will be some rust through at the bottom of one of the steel ends.

All photos unless otherwise noted are by Craig Sansonetti.

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