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More About The Barriger Photo Collection

Photos from the Barriger Collection

Below are fifty-nine photos taken during an inspection of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad in 1941. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are taken looking to the south along the railroad from the vantage point of the northbound train. Photos are organized by location number with Location-01 being the southern most location (at North Avenue in Baltimore) and the location numbers increasing to Location-59 (at York, PA). Note: One photo does not exist - mo+pa043.

Coach #20

Maryland & Pennsylvania Coach #20 at the Strasburg Railroad - Photo by Cale Leiphart

Most of the pictures in the collection appear to have been taken from the rear platform of coach #20.

For more information about Coach #20 check out the Equipment Roster of the Strasburg Railroad.

All photos - John W. Barriger III. Barriger Library, St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri St. Louis


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Muddy Creek Forks Station Crew

Muddy Creek Forks Station on Heritage Day 2013