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Ma & Pa Railroad Walking Tour - Fertilizer Warehouse

Fertilizer Warehouse

An important element of A. M. Grove's business was the sale of fertilizer. In this he was in partnership with his brother James. When this business was at its peak, over a hundred boxcar loads of fertilizer per year were received at Muddy Creek Forks. Grove ordered fertilizer from a supplier as needed to meet the requirements of local farmers. His supplier consolidated the orders into boxcar loads for shipping to Muddy Creek Forks. Incoming cars of fertilizer were spotted on the siding adjacent to this building. The fertilizer had to be unloaded promptly into the warehouse so that Grove, as the consignee of the shipments, would not have to pay the demurrage charges levied by the railroad for any cars held more than three days. The farmers were then notified by mail that their orders had arrived so that they could come to town to pick up the fertilizer.

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